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Ms Rose Blossom otherwise known as Fly Girls is an award winning U.K based (Wembley Park) community coaching project with outreach services. Collaborating with individuals and organisations with the aim to promote health/wellbeing and creativity to empower girls, women and youth. Fitness activities are for women only; inclusion policy welcomes men to some writing services and health forums.
*Writing 4 Wellbeing Workshops (Community workshops)
*Biography/Ghost Writing (coaching you to tell your story and leave  a legacy)

 *Fly Girls Running Community (fitness training if you're in the area register here )

I'm Amanda, founder and blogger here, if you would like to know more about our services you may contact me for further info:

email for your free ebook of S.H.E SOARS

order your copies here

book by email for a one to one creative coaching session

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