Sunday 21 May 2017

Run Together - Girl Power

Groups are the best motivator

Fly Girls Running Community-Wembley Stadium
The Fly Girls Running Community are a women only and girls over 14 years beginner running group, that started their running training at the iconic Wembley stadium on Sunday morning's in 2016. We are a registered RunTogether group under the "Get Me Started" level. My experience leading this group and previously being a member of other running groups, i can honestly say that running in a group is a strong motivator to keep you going. Having run alone over the years in comparison to running with groups i've joined, the latter has always been preferable. Here are five reasons why:

Thursday 18 May 2017

Recommended Runs

Brent Running Groups

Run With Andy is a new running group that started on Tuesday 16th May for the Welsh Harp 4 mile run.  Meeting point at Birchen Grove free car park Andy then leads you into a warm up before you start on the nature trail path.