Friday 13 March 2015

Black Book News: Black Book Swap 7: Saturday 14 March 2015

Black Book News: Black Book Swap 7: Saturday 14 March 2015: It

International Women Day 2015

Encouraging Fly Girls to Make it Happen

Amanda Epe delivering school assembly
I was delighted to lead the assembly for International Women's Day at Ricards Lodge School to approximately 500 girls this week. Invited and introduced by the Assistant Head Teacher Mrs Sawyerr who leads the campaigns in the assemblies, I began by asking the girls if they were ready to fly and if they believe they can fly. The key point was to deliver messages of self-worth and determination.

Thursday 5 March 2015

Born For This

The Dream Catcher

It's World Book Day and the day "Born for This" The Journey to Success in Life, Love and Business is born!
Books are predominately for learning and this best-selling book compiled by Lillian Ogbogoh offers 27 inspirational lessons from authors who have collaborated across the globe (5 continents) to share stories of how to improve in life and business. Books are also entertaining and this one is not your ordinary self-help book or how to..., rather it shares powerful stories where you will be whisked away into the lives of the contributors. Each one tells significant stories of how they overcame failure and followed the path to success.