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Ms Rose Blossom project incorporates Fly Girls (UK) Wellness the award-winning community organisation, based at Empire Way, Wembley. We provide holistic health and wellbeing services to empower girls and women to improve their mind and body being creative and active through literary art and recreational sport. The regular programmes of activity and creativity are walking/hiking, running and writing.

Fitness activities are for girls aged 14+ and women only; inclusion policy welcomes men and young people to our writing services. Services also include helping you to write your story, writing it for you or reviewing your book. We collaborate with individuals and organisations in our mission for women empowerment.

*Fly Girls (Fitness) Walk/Running Community register here 

*Fly Girls (Wellness) Writing Workshop Community

*Writing Coaching/Memoir Writing and Book Reviews 

We have previously supported campaigns to END FGM #endfgm and Breast Cancer Awareness and hosted events for Mental Health Awareness.

Terms and Conditions
For marketing purposes, we may take photographs in our workshops, classes, and sessions that may be used on all of our social media channels.

We are thankful for awards and proud members/affiliated partners with:

I'm Amanda, founder, and blogger here and welcome guest posts. This blog started on March 8th, 2013, in celebration of International Womens Day as a space to write on womens' wellbeing issues, and review women's literature. The Rose named after my mother and the spiritual significance of balance, strength, and humility also is associated with the female genitalia. This project has delivered talks on womens sexual health in schools and community settings.

After penning a book titled A Fly Girl (2014) a travel memoir, it inspired the Fly Girls Wellness movement in 2016. I'm now working with a small team of staff, volunteers and partners. If you would like to know more about our services you may contact me for further info:


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Award Winner

London Youth Awards 2018 (recognition 10 years silver serving voluntary sector)

England Athletics Run Group and Leader of Year 2017 ( London Region)

Nigerian Writers Award Best Non-Fiction Book of Year 2016

Lift Effects Star Award Community Champion 2016

Lift Effects Star Award Community Champion 2015

One Big Book Launch National New Author 2015


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