Sunday 31 December 2017

Crossing into 2018

Review, reflect and be ready

As we close the chapter of 2017, it's time to review and be grateful for the blessings and challenges encountered during the year. Each of us have our own personal challenges to confront and as a community of runners we set goals in the first week of January. By affirming aloud our intentions we were accountable to each other. Listen here

Sunday 24 December 2017

Season's Greetings to You

Glad to have connected

To our community of writers, runners, readers of the blog, and you too. It has been a pleasure meeting you in 2017 for writing workshops, running and fitness sessions and e-meeting others who communicate through the social media, here's wishing you warm Christmas wishes xx

Sunday 17 December 2017

Fly Girl Sita's Story

Speaking Positive Words into Action

Sita feeling accomplished after The Colour Run, Wembley
Last week we featured  Lene's story believing that she could and did, that story has inspired other members in our group as well as readers on social media.

This week we celebrate the achievements during 2017 of Sita another member of the Fly Girls. Sita has made remarkable progress and transformation from a novice runner to an active runner, now running 5km. At the beginning of the year she affirmed her goal of loosing weight, listen to her on this clip. And she has achieved it!

So inspiring, Sita was the first to be featured by London Sport on the 1 million Londoners stories to tell. Read her interview here and be inspired to get active for 2018.

Being active makes you feel good, it'll make you smile!😊😊😊

Sunday 10 December 2017

Fly Girl Lene's story

She believed she could so she did

Lene before

Fifteen months ago I started out on my fitness journey and haven’t looked back since. The time had come to take my health a lot more serious, instead of just coasting along believing my body could take care of itself. At some point the body will answer back and tell you enough is enough and then it really is time for you to listen. I had to make some big changes if I wanted to stay mentally and physically fit. I found out about a local community fitness group and decided to try out the circuit training session one Monday evening. Well…what can I say…what a shock to the system that was! Never had I imagined that exercising could be so enjoyable. This was a fantastic group of people oozing energy and having so much fun together while sweating buckets. The personal trainer and the members made me feel so welcome, which I was immensely grateful for, as it was my first time in a group exercise like this one. The motivation, support and fun element in the group was the deciding factor that this was the way to go for me. It was the first step towards a personal fitness journey that has given me the inspiration and motivation to ‘keep going’ and not give up even when the going gets tough.

Sunday 3 December 2017

Fly Girls Victory 2017

History to Victory

The Fly Girls Running Community are a group of local women mostly from the London Borough of Brent who meet up for weekly runs, inspiring others as they set off every Sunday morning at 9am to run together at the national stadium, Wembley. Women of all ages and abilities assemble together in the municipal offices at the civic centre before they move off upstairs at the stadium for their warm up exercises. The run is for girls over 14 to senior women but particularly targeted at the older population and women from African, Caribbean and Asian heritages, who have higher rates of health inequalities.

We are a get me started run together group, and we started initially as 3 women back in the first Sunday of October 2016. By getting people started the group encourages people who are new to running and/or being active. New members feel welcome in this friendly group where members are non-competitive and the individual decides whether they wish to run or walk. Those who are new to running take it step by step, gradually going from walking to slow jogging up to 2km, 5km or beyond.

Tuesday 10 October 2017

Fly Girls into Football

England v Slovenia Match at Wembley

Ms Rose Blossom was given some tickets for the World Cup qualifier match for Thursday 5th October, the first task was thinking who will attend, pondering whether some of our writing community groups would like to attend and maybe be inspired to write a creative story on a football match if not some standard reporting or would the Fly Girls take up the offer.

Sunday 24 September 2017

Marathon Motivation

Volunteering at Ealing Half Marathon 2017

Fly Girls Team Co-ordinator Lene

FlyGirls feeling proud of medals and inspired to run 
for Ealing Half Marathon 2018

FlyGirls spirit of support and togetherness

UFO SteelBand great melody

Fit and fab runners in Ealing

Rays of Sunshine on runners and volunteers

                                                           Water Station

Sunday 10 September 2017

Who needs reasons to run?

Bolt-on Inspirations

Amanda Epe
inspired meeting Usain Bolt

The Great North Run the world's largest half marathon with over 43,000 competitors took place today. These marathon runners need not be convinced on the benefits to run their 13 miles, neither do the track athletes and champions we have recently spectated over the World Athletics Championships London 2017, but for some of us to take that first step or to keep going we need motivation to just do it. Usain Bolt stated that he wanted to be remembered as one of the greatest athletes ever in sport, but also as a laid back fun-loving person who inspires others. He has incontestably inspired millions!

Sunday 2 July 2017

Why Diversity for Fly Girls

Fun Fitness Activities

FlyGirls at Willesden Sports Centre

The Fly Girls are a fun focused fitness community, we exercise purely for our wellbeing with our main activity being running (not racing), jogging or simply walking. Taking advantage of the summertime today we went back to childhood, the beginners that we are went back to basics in cycling. The sun was out and there was a fresh cool breeze cooling down any nerves and fears of falling off our bikes. They say you never forget what you learnt as a child, and that theory proved true today for the Fly Girls, starting off with wobbles before we found our feet and began cycling laps around the race track. Here's some findings from today:

Sunday 18 June 2017

Women In Sports Week 2017

Inter-activities in Brent

Fly Girls at Wembley Stadium 18--6-17
Monday 19th - 25th June is national Women In Sports week to raise awareness of those playing, delivering, volunteering and watching sport to promote sports for women across the UK. There are various activities in Brent for girls and women, many run on Sundays ( pun intended Fly Girls run every Sunday) such as the various women's football clubs and training for women at Preston Manor School or Vale Farm Sports Centre to name two. As we get into summer it is an ideal time to find activities locally and get out and about.

Thursday 15 June 2017

The Color Run at Wembley

Happy Running

Fly Girls Running Community
at The Color Run- Wembley
The Fly Girls Running Community a women only beginner running group entered their first ever group run in a regional running event on Sunday 11th June. We decided to enter as the theme of this race - be happy, be healthy- aligned with our groups running agenda's. Most of our members joined the Fly Girls group to run to improve their wellbeing, to get the feel good factor after a run, to release stress, all of which are for good mental health. We are a fun run group and not racing takes the stress of running competitively, therefore this London running event was ideal for us.

Wednesday 7 June 2017

Reviewing 3 Fitness Trackers on Global Running Day

 Tracking our steps

Fly Girls Running Community
Wembley Stadium Run 
Some of my running buddies from our running community use fitness trackers on the runs when we run together. They tell us the distance they have run, their time and speed as well as steps. One explained that it monitors her sleep as to how deep or restless her sleep was. Most people use it for monitoring their steps and calories used, others may want more specific facilities.

The Garmin Vivofit 3 is a simple effective fitness tracker that counts steps, monitors sleep and captures different activities such as walking, running, biking, swimming and cross training. It costs under £100.

Thursday 1 June 2017

Why Mindfulness is important for Wellness


Mind, Body, Spirt for wellbeing
Welcome to the official summer month of June. Reflecting on the month of May i challenged myself on the Bill Thwaites sugar free month. Subscribers to the challenge were to give up sugar, wheat and processed foods. The main purpose of this was to curb our addictions. I subscribed unknowingly of the whole foods to eliminate which was giving up wheat and processed foods.

Sunday 21 May 2017

Run Together - Girl Power

Groups are the best motivator

Fly Girls Running Community-Wembley Stadium
The Fly Girls Running Community are a women only and girls over 14 years beginner running group, that started their running training at the iconic Wembley stadium on Sunday morning's in 2016. We are a registered RunTogether group under the "Get Me Started" level. My experience leading this group and previously being a member of other running groups, i can honestly say that running in a group is a strong motivator to keep you going. Having run alone over the years in comparison to running with groups i've joined, the latter has always been preferable. Here are five reasons why:

Thursday 18 May 2017

Recommended Runs

Brent Running Groups

Run With Andy is a new running group that started on Tuesday 16th May for the Welsh Harp 4 mile run.  Meeting point at Birchen Grove free car park Andy then leads you into a warm up before you start on the nature trail path. 

Monday 27 March 2017

Why Writers Must Be Bold For Change

Young Writers Being Bold for Change

Young people have much to say and are the ones who can change the future, the power is in their minds and in their hands. In order for writers to improve in their writing they go through the process, the continuity of writing and rewriting daily. The young people have the added advantage of improving and honing this skill and developing creativity at an early age. It is ideally their time to begin the writing career if they feel fired up with passion for their words and thoughts to be expressed and published.

This years International Women's Day theme was Being Bold For Change, Brent Council's International Women's Day celebrated this with intriguing speakers, dance, poetry and workshops. The highlight of the performers were the young poets namely Zara D and Rares Maglan. Zara aged 9 performed an inspiring poem The Empowered Women which she delivered with confidence and zeal. Public speaking is an activity most people fear, however this young lass owned the stage, having started performing at the age of 3 years and since gaining several acting roles.

Thursday 2 March 2017

Wednesday 11 January 2017