Sunday 24 September 2017

Marathon Motivation

Volunteering at Ealing Half Marathon 2017

Fly Girls Team Co-ordinator Lene

FlyGirls feeling proud of medals and inspired to run 
for Ealing Half Marathon 2018

FlyGirls spirit of support and togetherness

UFO SteelBand great melody

Fit and fab runners in Ealing

Rays of Sunshine on runners and volunteers

                                                           Water Station

Sunday 10 September 2017

Who needs reasons to run?

Bolt-on Inspirations

Amanda Epe
inspired meeting Usain Bolt

The Great North Run the world's largest half marathon with over 43,000 competitors took place today. These marathon runners need not be convinced on the benefits to run their 13 miles, neither do the track athletes and champions we have recently spectated over the World Athletics Championships London 2017, but for some of us to take that first step or to keep going we need motivation to just do it. Usain Bolt stated that he wanted to be remembered as one of the greatest athletes ever in sport, but also as a laid back fun-loving person who inspires others. He has incontestably inspired millions!