Friday 25 December 2015

Free Book - How to be free from fibroid pain


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Seasons greetings readers, and as it is that time of year I am offering you to read this short pdf health guide for free which shares an inspirational journey to healing from fibroids with recommendations for healing. This book is a testament of having express transformation to health by following a holistic health programme and it was one of the experiences of 2015 making it one of the best years of my life. I am grateful that it has been a great year and I look forward to flying higher in health and fulfilling more dreams in 2016. I hope it helps you to soar high with your health too.

Friday 18 December 2015

Rashmit Kalra launches Colour of Silence

Reviewing Colours of Silence a collection by poet Rashmit Kalra

Heart, mind and soul has been poured into the poetry of Rashmit’s enriching “Colours of Silence” book, and added with the essence of love. Wearing her heart on the sheets the readers can feel the vibrations of the poignant penned works, ranging from her own search to the meaning of life; spiritual connection to humanity, the creator and all creation; and her thoughts on pain, loss and end of life. Divided into two sections Glimpses of Self and Whispers of Life these verses have words, phrases and paradoxes that all beings can relate to. Selfish and egotistical are what authors and writers are described as by eminent authors themselves, yet when reading the Glimpses of Self, themes of oneness with others, the view of nothingness of all creation and the unpretentiousness thought of meaningless labels in the Divine Glimpses polarize the self-centered belief about authors like Rashmit. The Whispers of Life section paints the colours of nature, celebrates the beauty of life and has a calming effect to silence the mind of fear and embrace the flow.

Friday 5 June 2015

Completely Novel Celebrating Winning Authors

Free Launch Party

Winning Authors

Free Word Centre, Farringdon was the best place to be on Wednesday 3rd June where ten amazing winning authors were celebrated on one night. It was a completely novel way of a literary night with a free atmosphere, as the venue name suggests authors freed their words, the tickets and beverages were free for guests and press and it had an open space interior. What's more, unlike a literary night where authors read from their books or are interviewed and the audience sit and listen, sometimes feeling restricted, this one was different as authors moved and mingled within the standing audience freely. It was a combination of an uber-cool literary festival blended with the vibes of a popular music concert. As each author stepped to the stage spotlight, Completely Novel publishing team pulled the party poppers.

Literary Enthusiasts

Friday 22 May 2015

One Big Book Launch

Winning Streak
Ten talented authors with stories of inspiring people and places have been selected for the one and only  event of its kind. This literary evening is a grand collaborative launch with traditional publishing houses and self published authors under one roof. Last Saturday having won the Lift Effect Star Award Prize for the Ms Rose Blossom project work I was delighted  again to have won the One Big Book Launch national book competition and have the opportunity to read and share my story on Wednesday 3rd June at The Free Word Centre in Farringdon, super exciting. The line up of authors who also will present on the evening include:

Friday 10 April 2015

"It's Not What You Are; It's What You Don't Become That Hurts."

Book Now the Blechner Sisters 7 steps workshop facilitated by Author/Teacher/Healer Daniella Blechner and Holistic Fitness Coach/Yoga Teacher Francesca Blechner

Friday 13 March 2015

Black Book News: Black Book Swap 7: Saturday 14 March 2015

Black Book News: Black Book Swap 7: Saturday 14 March 2015: It

International Women Day 2015

Encouraging Fly Girls to Make it Happen

Amanda Epe delivering school assembly
I was delighted to lead the assembly for International Women's Day at Ricards Lodge School to approximately 500 girls this week. Invited and introduced by the Assistant Head Teacher Mrs Sawyerr who leads the campaigns in the assemblies, I began by asking the girls if they were ready to fly and if they believe they can fly. The key point was to deliver messages of self-worth and determination.

Thursday 5 March 2015

Born For This

The Dream Catcher

It's World Book Day and the day "Born for This" The Journey to Success in Life, Love and Business is born!
Books are predominately for learning and this best-selling book compiled by Lillian Ogbogoh offers 27 inspirational lessons from authors who have collaborated across the globe (5 continents) to share stories of how to improve in life and business. Books are also entertaining and this one is not your ordinary self-help book or how to..., rather it shares powerful stories where you will be whisked away into the lives of the contributors. Each one tells significant stories of how they overcame failure and followed the path to success.

Friday 2 January 2015

A Flying Start


"A Fly Girl" first released as an ebook end November 2014 had a flying start being in the best seller list from the first week, and a month later still a hit. In collaboration with Black and Outspoken this book went on a book blog tour, on an exciting international travel. Tundun Adeyemo professional and passionate, and her team were all extremely excited over the six weeks of the book tour. It travelled from the U.K to Nigeria and U.S.A being featured in top blogspots as well as national papers and magazines. In one particular publication the author interview created a grand buzz, going viral with over 500 social media shares. Needless to say it was overwhelming with the interest request for a debut author.