Friday 24 May 2013

Mind Body Spirt

Mind over matter

A holy trinity, sounds religious but my definition is less complicated than the jargon of any religious doctrine, three in one: the mind, body and spirit in your being is a total feeling of wholeness and well-being; a peaceful mind creates a relaxed and healthy body with that in place it is easier to feel a fulfilled spirit. It is as simple as that, no anxiety and worries the lesser the chance of tensions in the neck and so forth. For me healing the mind and soul and relaxing and recharging the body is having ultimate health. It is the perfect start and route to completion to healthy living. I advocate for engaging in physical fitness of vigorous activities three to four times a week, and I know from experience of the benefits of brisk walking and outdoor jogging, the effects of these exercises gives me clarity. However I also believe I must give my mind an exercise programme too.

Sunday 19 May 2013

Exercise Is Key

You must do your...

Along with cancer awareness week 13-19th May also was dedicated to mental health awareness focusing on the benefits of exercise for mental health. I started the week of with a little gentle exercise. With lack of sleep the night before I was extremely exhausted yet the Yoga exercise I did last Saturday was rejuvenating, I spent most of the session sitting down and stretching with a few standing positions. Normally I have not been keen on yoga but I tried some sessions at the first Health and Beauty Expo at Earls Court Olympia, and for me it was amazing as I walked away recharged as if ready to start a new day.

Friday 17 May 2013

Fruity Friday

Five a day

If you are on five a day Fruity Friday may be insignificant and not seen as a challenge. Having fruit on a daily basis was something I grew up with, although when I left home fruit and vegetables where not the first thing on my shopping list, more like five packs of biscuits and cakes for my sweet tooth cravings. There are substitutes of natural sugars for my addiction to the sugar cane, black grapes and mangoes are such fruit. With the variety of fruit and vegetable juices it is now so much easier if you have trouble counting and consuming your five a day, than in a typical balanced meal.