Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Color Run at Wembley

Happy Running

Fly Girls Running Community
at The Color Run- Wembley
The Fly Girls Running Community a women only beginner running group entered their first ever group run in a regional running event on Sunday 11th June. We decided to enter as the theme of this race - be happy, be healthy- aligned with our groups running agenda's. Most of our members joined the Fly Girls group to run to improve their wellbeing, to get the feel good factor after a run, to release stress, all of which are for good mental health. We are a fun run group and not racing takes the stress of running competitively, therefore this London running event was ideal for us.
In addition it was right up our street, as the run takes place in the same vicinity as our running meet at Wembley Stadium. We are also proud that some of our members who were non-runners when they joined the group can now proudly say that they have achieved running a 5km run.

Here are five benefits of entering a run of this nature for beginners:

1. It is completely fun and everyone around is happy.

2. The fresh foam and bubbles took us to cloud 9.

3. The colour splashing points is where you can stop to get your breath back.

4. The music station points made you stop running but continue keeping fit with dance.

5. Strangers, children runners touch your hands and high five as you run past in opposite directions.

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