Thursday 1 June 2017

Why Mindfulness is important for Wellness


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Welcome to the official summer month of June. Reflecting on the month of May i challenged myself on the Bill Thwaites sugar free month. Subscribers to the challenge were to give up sugar, wheat and processed foods. The main purpose of this was to curb our addictions. I subscribed unknowingly of the whole foods to eliminate which was giving up wheat and processed foods.

However I went ahead limiting myself to avoid pastries, chocolates or even food with added sugar only. This was a good start for me as for i've always had sugar cravings. I didn't think i would be able to complete it, although i had set my mind on the task. With some of my favourite cakes and snacks around the house i had to resist temptation, eventually i was able to. I learnt a great deal about my eating habits and why i rush to have certain foods as comfort for certain emotions. By the second week it was a lot easier and i couldn't believe that i didn't feel like i was missing sugar. When i did eat foods with added sugar it felt quite sweet, as my taste buds had changed in such a short time. I was amazed to complete a whole month without any pastries or biscuits, my mind body and spirit were aligned for this task. As we go into June, it's an opportunity to start another challenge, this time i'll aim to avoid wheat.

Also during the month my exercise routine was increased to running at intermediate level in a 3 week course with Run with Andy. From my regular beginner runner weekly activity with the Fly Girls doing a minimum of 2km and increasing some weeks, i went on to running 4miles (with walking breaks). It's important to set goals and set your mind to accomplish something in order to meet your wellbeing targets and improve health. So i'll keep up some running sessions with Andy for June and continue with the sugar free month. There is always a reason why we do what we do, and for me my why is very strong. I'm starving my fibroids from sugar, and this makes it easier to carry on. The means justifies the end.

Be mindful of what you eat, and know your why as it will help you to cut it out!

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