Friday 22 March 2013

Safeguarding Children

Consultation Committee in view to incorporate FGM training in Initial Teacher Training (ITT) and Inset days.

Responsible department: Department for Education
Every child matters and it is vital that all teachers nationwide should be aware of any harmful practices and danger children face regardless of their culture.
The primary national curriculum for PSHE and Citizenship four elements, one stating developing a healthy, safer lifestyle for children.
With 30,000 girls at risk of being tortured the time is now to improve the skills and confidence of SRE teachers, through their ITT and regularly on INSET.
The time is now to review the curriculum and add this topic starting from year six. Please sign the petitions below:

Please sign petition of Hilary Burrage below:

STOP Female Genital Mutilation (FGM / ‘cutting’) in Britain

Responsible department: Office of the Leader of the House of Commons
Some 24,000 children in Britain are at risk annually of female genital mutilation (FGM or ‘cutting’) – 50+ girls and babies every day, or 2+ every hour.
But no-one in the UK has yet (June 2012) been fully sanctioned for performing, procuring or permitting FGM.
The legal position on child protection is not remotely being upheld. The embarrassment of those responsible for safe-guarding children, and / or community unwillingness to intervene ‘for cultural reasons’, can never excuse inaction on serious criminal child cruelty.
The role of national FGM Co-ordinator was ‘disbanded’ by Government in April 2011, and a new cross-disciplinary approach introduced with just £50,000 funding.
£50,000 is direly inadequate to address the risk of harm across Britain to thousands of girl. This sum must be significantly increased, and the FGM Co-ordinator role must be reinstated immediately to ensure effective national delivery of safe-keeping.
FGM in the UK must be stopped, now.

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