Friday 19 April 2013

Time For Therapy

Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden

As fun loving and friendly as I can be on a good day, on reflections of self observation I note that a lesser amount of my days I can fall into low spirit for any given reason. By nature I love to be upbeat, smile and feel energetic in life, also by nature of cold climates I am affected by a condition similar to seasonal affected disorder. It is not possible to be happy all the time, and considering circumstances I don’t expect to be. However I believe there is a need to feel in a relaxed state of mind, no matter the external factors present. It can be work related stress or family and personal issues that toss my life around and put me off balance, and we all go through life in similar ways, hitting walls, taking falls and standing up again. Solutions for me are stepping out of the issues and emptying my mind.

There are a number of ways to experience relaxation of mind for healing. I find that dance is totally uplifting and spiritually strengthening. Going for a run is equally fortifying both for body and mind, on return I feel regenerated, most of the time I then become ready and able to take on new conquests. Apart from physical activities that boost my well-being mental activities also have similar impact, for me being creative in particular creative writing. This week 15th-21st April is Depression Awareness Week I was coincidentally fortunate to engage in more therapeutic activities than usual, thanks to friends who organised a spa day in Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden. I slept! Can I believe it? Amanda who only likes sleeping in her familiar surroundings, dosed off in the sleep retreat meditation, this is a first. I can recommend this type of activity to women for relaxation, take time for yourself, and forget your responsibilities for at least once a week. It is sometimes carrying everyone else’s burdens that we forget ourselves, and by nature we care for everyone, but we must not forget to care for ourselves.

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