Friday, 1 November 2013

The Cry, The Call of Dr Phoebe Abe and Leyla Hussein

End FGM not Female Fertility

Dr Phoebe Abe

This week the nation focuses on National Infertility, in Philappa Roxby’s (BBC health reporter) recent article infertility is regarded as a taboo subject for women. In a talk last Saturday by Dr Phoebe Abe a GP who also campaigns internationally against FGM, she talks poignantly on the unnecessary health conditions and major consequences of serious illness from the impact of FGM, such as Kidney failure. In Dr Abe’s work she informs her peers, surgeons in the medical profession as to the seriousness of FGM, many of whom are unaware of stitched women who are in labour and then proceed to Cesarean section. Outside of her surgery hours she passionately holds grassroots meetings with women to discuss the harm, the legal implications on those found guilty of the practice as well as political activism and lobbying.  

In a nation obsessed with political correctness people turn a blind eye towards the practice of FGM, with comments that suggest the practice is a culture and therefore society can be negligent towards vulnerable girls in the U.K. Activist Leyla Hussein went to town in Northampton to mock survey the public attitudes towards maintaining the practice, and shockingly in 30 minutes 19 people agreed the practice should be kept up. In a practice that is endangering women it should be the responsibility of the public to say NO to all forms of violence. Dr Abe says on medical grounds alone, FGM must end. FGM causes problems in childbirth and leads to infertility.

Support Leyla Hussein’s petition to end FGM in the U.K:

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