Friday 2 January 2015

A Flying Start


"A Fly Girl" first released as an ebook end November 2014 had a flying start being in the best seller list from the first week, and a month later still a hit. In collaboration with Black and Outspoken this book went on a book blog tour, on an exciting international travel. Tundun Adeyemo professional and passionate, and her team were all extremely excited over the six weeks of the book tour. It travelled from the U.K to Nigeria and U.S.A being featured in top blogspots as well as national papers and magazines. In one particular publication the author interview created a grand buzz, going viral with over 500 social media shares. Needless to say it was overwhelming with the interest request for a debut author.

Furthermore interviews were broadcast on the radio and twitter, the ripple effect being contacted by a radio presenter Gus Renegade based in Washington DC, and talking for 2hrs about the book and relevant issues. The interviews were a chance to reach out to individuals far and wide to share an inspirational story and start conversations on hardcore issues. I was personally thanked by radio presenters Tundun and Gus for being bold to start a conversation on race, institutional racism and identity, and for being vulnerable by disclosing personal experiences.

As an author I work in isolation and often feel like I'm on an Island, but with a passionate PR team at B&O I was by no means partying alone. I celebrated the book release, the sales and the success with the team and would do that all again, that said I suggest if you are a new author get Outspoken!

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