Thursday 5 March 2015

Born For This

The Dream Catcher

It's World Book Day and the day "Born for This" The Journey to Success in Life, Love and Business is born!
Books are predominately for learning and this best-selling book compiled by Lillian Ogbogoh offers 27 inspirational lessons from authors who have collaborated across the globe (5 continents) to share stories of how to improve in life and business. Books are also entertaining and this one is not your ordinary self-help book or how to..., rather it shares powerful stories where you will be whisked away into the lives of the contributors. Each one tells significant stories of how they overcame failure and followed the path to success.

In our ordinary lives, we tell extraordinary tales of how we overcame obstacles transforming our failures to success, and readers gain more depth into the principles about failure. I title my chapter The Dream Catcher where I share my failures, the repeated cycle of failing and falling flat on my face in many of my dreams. How did I get up when I hit rock bottom? What motivated me to continue in my journey? Reading my chapter will reveal the steps I took to find the road for my success. The success story I share dispels the myths of standard age achievements and other limitations we reinforce our minds to continue to feel like failure is final.

Have you failed consistently in realising your dream? Do you think you are too old to try again? With 27 inspirational lessons, I believe you too will dare to be a dream catcher!

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