Friday 18 December 2015

Rashmit Kalra launches Colour of Silence

Reviewing Colours of Silence a collection by poet Rashmit Kalra

Heart, mind and soul has been poured into the poetry of Rashmit’s enriching “Colours of Silence” book, and added with the essence of love. Wearing her heart on the sheets the readers can feel the vibrations of the poignant penned works, ranging from her own search to the meaning of life; spiritual connection to humanity, the creator and all creation; and her thoughts on pain, loss and end of life. Divided into two sections Glimpses of Self and Whispers of Life these verses have words, phrases and paradoxes that all beings can relate to. Selfish and egotistical are what authors and writers are described as by eminent authors themselves, yet when reading the Glimpses of Self, themes of oneness with others, the view of nothingness of all creation and the unpretentiousness thought of meaningless labels in the Divine Glimpses polarize the self-centered belief about authors like Rashmit. The Whispers of Life section paints the colours of nature, celebrates the beauty of life and has a calming effect to silence the mind of fear and embrace the flow.

The power in her words spoke to me throughout the book, however some poems resonated strongly such as Be Who You Are. In this poem like Wordsworth she uses nature for comparison and the speaking flower as the teacher, the dramatic use was highly intelligent, the poem endearing to me. Followed by I Am Not, I can feel the higher self in her writing here. In Dawn of Peace this piece has answers for people and for myself in particular whilst searching on this journey of life. I Wonder Why another poem for questions on life, with the imagery and philosophy she uses I am left wondering why in life I battle to break the chains of limitation.

God’s of Hospital is an emotionally thought provoking poem whereas others motivate you to follow your dream and let life flow like a river no matter where you are at. “And long after I’m gone the earth will whisper my song” are most encouraging words she has for world travellers experiencing the fate of pain and problems in this realm. Almost as if reading a spiritual novel the ending poems are fitting for closure, with titles such as End of The Day and This Is It.

After reading, re-reading, and reflecting on Kalra’s perspectives in life and feeling the love she has for life in all of its creation, and being moved by a well written book I’d recommend poetry lovers to grab a copy of this book. Colours of Silence can certainly serve as an inspirational tool for people to live and let live as we appreciate the other, which is reflected in ourselves. The books natural flow makes good reading as effortlessly you are intrigued to read more, to muse, appreciate and celebrate the gift of life. I hope Kalra continues to produce more colourful works, the meaningful and mystical of peaceful silence.

Poet Rashmit Kalra

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