Friday 29 January 2016

Top Three Tips for well-being 2016

Eat-well, Exercise and Energise

New years when we all feel excited and set goals can be challenging in the bleak sunless season. Goals were not made this January as some goals are extensions of previous years however this new year i knew that I had to focus on keeping up a holistic lifestyle, especially after the success of healing work of 2015 free from pains of fibroids. At Christmas time i was grateful to have abundance yet i overindulged and paid the consequences by increased pains in the new year due to taking in more toxic foods and drinks over the festive period. Although it was a moderate decline I see how unconscious habits can affect me positively or negatively.

The best way forward is conscious eating and conscious activities for a nutritional non-toxic diet and peaceful mind. In all honesty though i really want to taste and savour the variety of foods on offer as it can be boring and frustrating to say no to many types of foods. The good thing is that there are many alternatives, for example nut milks instead of diary if diary is off the menu, but more importantly i now use mindfulness in my meals and try to do that most of the time when snacking.

The regular excuse of not liking gyms and the aches and pains that prohibit me from running haven't stopped me from keeping it moving, I've been enjoying daily exercise with simple walks of a minimum of 30 mins. It's an economical way of keeping fit without feeling the strains of a workout. Another enjoyable workout i love is dance and this is the perfect way for cardio-vascular fitness with so much fun that the time flies by. Dancing has helped me shake of the S.A.D blues of the sunless season and is the best aid in uplifting my spirit.

Sleep is always the way to get energised and my sleep is deeper when i exercise, but there are numerous other ways to perk up and feel invigorated when the sun is away, like doing one or two things a week or daily that make you happy or being with those that energise you in that way. If you are not the dancing type there are lots of choices from books to read or films to watch and being with persons that lift you with laughter, doing all of these consistently way beyond January are my objectives of a live-well 2016.


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