Sunday 2 July 2017

Why Diversity for Fly Girls

Fun Fitness Activities

FlyGirls at Willesden Sports Centre

The Fly Girls are a fun focused fitness community, we exercise purely for our wellbeing with our main activity being running (not racing), jogging or simply walking. Taking advantage of the summertime today we went back to childhood, the beginners that we are went back to basics in cycling. The sun was out and there was a fresh cool breeze cooling down any nerves and fears of falling off our bikes. They say you never forget what you learnt as a child, and that theory proved true today for the Fly Girls, starting off with wobbles before we found our feet and began cycling laps around the race track. Here's some findings from today:

Excitement in new activity

Cycling can be carefree like child play

Different fitness activities work new muscles

Ability to cycle for 2hrs (running normally 1hr session)

It felt easier on joints for most of us

So i encourage beginners to get on your bike and enjoy it. Time flies when you have fun.


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