Sunday 10 September 2017

Who needs reasons to run?

Bolt-on Inspirations

Amanda Epe
inspired meeting Usain Bolt

The Great North Run the world's largest half marathon with over 43,000 competitors took place today. These marathon runners need not be convinced on the benefits to run their 13 miles, neither do the track athletes and champions we have recently spectated over the World Athletics Championships London 2017, but for some of us to take that first step or to keep going we need motivation to just do it. Usain Bolt stated that he wanted to be remembered as one of the greatest athletes ever in sport, but also as a laid back fun-loving person who inspires others. He has incontestably inspired millions!

Meeting the champion has certainly inspired me to continue to run as a lifestyle. Running releases the endorphins and in every run i've had there is no doubt that i finish feeling great. Yes great, not the greatest like the champ himself, not a winner but i get a good post workout feeling. It is clear why Bolt has this fun-loving entertaining nature with a profession such as his, every day training giving feel good vibrations, why wouldn't we run.

As a non-competitive runner just keeping fit, there needs to be a drive to get up and go, however the challenge lies as an amateur as being your greatest. I know my reward at the end of the run is the feeling of being great. I see the run as a mind and body treat, however another running inspiration i aim to work towards is my personal best, that is going a little extra distance than my previous run, and eventually it may lead to improved time and distance. I certainly feel resilient when i run, the way i walk and my body feeling more alive and elastic post running is totally different from the way i normally walk on a daily.

During running my mind has a way of programming my body to keep going, once i set my mind to running for a certain period of time or amount of laps then i feel obliged to achieve the goal. It is an achievement to get through particularly if i was in double minds to run on the onset. In the same manner of programming my mind to do a running session when i'm demotivated i apply this to life's challenges, it teaches me to have confidence to continue with confrontations.

In the past when i was a regular runner, there were aesthetic benefits to my stature, when running 2-3 times a week in little time i had lost weight and had toned abdominal and thigh muscles. At this period of time ideally it is to have improved female hormone health, this is my strongest motivation and inspires my running, and it makes a positive difference.

Our beginners running group Fly Girls have many reasons why we run, mainly for health and wellness or to get active and fit and for fun and friendships. We meet on Sundays and run around Wembley Stadium, we welcome new members women and girls aged 14+ to join us.

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