Tuesday 10 October 2017

Fly Girls into Football

England v Slovenia Match at Wembley

Ms Rose Blossom was given some tickets for the World Cup qualifier match for Thursday 5th October, the first task was thinking who will attend, pondering whether some of our writing community groups would like to attend and maybe be inspired to write a creative story on a football match if not some standard reporting or would the Fly Girls take up the offer.

Fly Girls are into fitness for their physical and mental health, and some like sport, however it was interesting to see the amount of women who wanted to attend not to mention their engagement in the game. They came to support enthusiastically as well as analyse the match and jump and shout at the 11th hour with Harry Kane's saving goal. Other highlights on the night was the man that ran on to the pitch, and security struggled to get him off quickly, so we bagged some humour as well as the game. Here is some shots of the Fly Girls and some sons.

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  1. Fly Girls into Football, good to see a great comeback of girls in football and hope they have a great match in England v Slovenia Match at Wembley. Goodluck to both the teams and have a great one!


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