Wednesday, 24 June 2020

How to improve your Creative Confidence- National Writing Day

A short story during the lockdown and some tips

On this scorching morning, a collective of emerging writers arose to the sun's rays. Their minds in sync, overcoming the fear of coming out as a writer on national writing day,  the hottest day of the year of 2020. They logged in to ZOOM one by one, the natural order of the day nowadays on lockdown. Stories shared, and the passion of creativity connected the participants. In suspense, we as a group of promising writers now wait to see the outcomes from today, as they churn away creating their works.

To sum up the short story above, it's beneficial to find your writing tribe. Joining a group whether in a public setting or online also boosts your self-assurance. Find like-minded groups where you feel comfortable to give you a kick start, and then just keep going. A blog is one of the easiest ways to share your words with the world if you are not a group member of a social media app or writing community group. Just putting it out there improves your confidence. 

Meanwhile, I'm always here to take consultations for beginner writers to build their confidence in starting their book. Drop me an email for further info. I'll leave you with just three points to get you going.

  1. Just write
  2. Scribble your thoughts
  3. Know it's just a draft

Happy National Writing Day

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