Monday, 27 April 2020

Pros and Cons of Writing a Memoir

Best time to write
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During this lockdown period, many people find they can use their time for things they've always never found the time to do, such as more reading and writing. The Mirror compiled a list of the best travel adventure memoirs to read during the quarantine period and A Fly Girl Travel Tales book was fortunate named number 6 on this list, yay!

Reading other authors' memoirs can surely inspire the writer in you to tell your story and start writing. Whether it's a travel tale or another significant area to reflect on, it's a grand time to put pen to paper. Here are 6 Pros and one Con of writing a memoir:


1. The process of life writing gives creative joy.

2. The writer reflects on the past and gains more understanding of self.

3. The journey improves mental health being able to focus and boost memory power.

4. Gratitude increases with retrospective writing.

5. You become an authoritative voice in telling your story.

6. On completion of your book creation and publication, you are automatically an author.


1. You show your vulnerability and share private stories to the public.

If the downside is not that much of a threat and you can think of more beneficial reasons to write your memoir, why not get started now? You may see other advantages not listed above, share them by adding to the comment section.

Good luck with your writing!

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