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"Absolutely brilliant, thank you" Sandra Kabir, British Philanthropist on 'Flying from Brent' Amy Johnson Short Film

Testimony on 2017/18 creative writing workshop, producing an emerging author: Katrina Newman:

"One of the big highlights for me in 2017 was to join and meet all the lovely and beautiful Fly Girls, the inspiration, support, friendships, kindness, fun and laughter in this group is just amazing..." Lene Jorgensen

I started running because of my sister but I had a few fears of running which I’ve started to overcome.  Every Sunday morning for those 30 to 60 minutes, I feel completely in control and able to focus. Amanda is amazing group leader who has kept me motivated. There’s seriously nothing like it so why not give it a try
Leena Khatri

"Really enjoyed first writing class, Amanda shared her knowledge and experience with us in a very effective and professional way. I have had so much fun. Thank you." Tracey Hanson

"Good insights into creative writing, good tutor" Abu Sahid

"The writing lesson was very productive, interesting and understanding. The connection in the group was good. We all had a good understanding of the class" Katrina C Newman

"You think you are on your own with your thoughts, but others go through the same thing. Well done for Embrace, Ms Rose Blossom and NHS talking therapies for putting on this mental wellbeing community workshop at the Yellow Pavilion" Dionne

"Thank you Amanda Epe for holding me accountable for the first two years" Shenuma Kashta (Author)

"Was a really awesome writing workshop" Fay Rahman

"Amanda thank you for sharing your story and advice on the fibroids seminar at University of Westminster on International Women's Day, it has given me hope" Anonymous

"Thanks Amanda for delivering an inspiring author talk on International Women's Day school assembly" Mrs Sawyerr Asst Head Teacher, Ricards Lodge School.

"I thought the first gender and development conference was a huge success! The feedback I got from the audience was that the FGM discussion was the highlight of the day. I thought your session was incredibly touching" K. Hymas, Warwick University


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