Friday 24 May 2013

Mind Body Spirt

Mind over matter

A holy trinity, sounds religious but my definition is less complicated than the jargon of any religious doctrine, three in one: the mind, body and spirit in your being is a total feeling of wholeness and well-being; a peaceful mind creates a relaxed and healthy body with that in place it is easier to feel a fulfilled spirit. It is as simple as that, no anxiety and worries the lesser the chance of tensions in the neck and so forth. For me healing the mind and soul and relaxing and recharging the body is having ultimate health. It is the perfect start and route to completion to healthy living. I advocate for engaging in physical fitness of vigorous activities three to four times a week, and I know from experience of the benefits of brisk walking and outdoor jogging, the effects of these exercises gives me clarity. However I also believe I must give my mind an exercise programme too.

If I start with my mind it creates the healing and health properties for the whole body, hence the saying from head to toe. In the mantra suites at the Mind Body Spirit London Festival May 2013 at Earls Court Exhibition Centre there were various choices of meditations and healing therapies. In one of the workshops the therapist guide spoke about imagination visualisations, and in an instant the mind can change from a negative state to a positive one, fears and phobias can be banished if we focus our mind over matter. At the end of the session I felt anew, the refocused mental energy had transfused to my soul to feeling more uplifted and peaceful. Just like exercising the body for maintenance of strength and stamina, I would like to work on the trinity more often, to be more whole. Had it not been for a busy weekend and bank holiday Monday plans I would attend the complete four days of the London Festival, but hopefully next year and in the meantime I intend to participate in more MBS workshops.


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