Sunday 19 May 2013

Exercise Is Key

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Along with cancer awareness week 13-19th May also was dedicated to mental health awareness focusing on the benefits of exercise for mental health. I started the week of with a little gentle exercise. With lack of sleep the night before I was extremely exhausted yet the Yoga exercise I did last Saturday was rejuvenating, I spent most of the session sitting down and stretching with a few standing positions. Normally I have not been keen on yoga but I tried some sessions at the first Health and Beauty Expo at Earls Court Olympia, and for me it was amazing as I walked away recharged as if ready to start a new day.

I can suggest starting off with Yoga classes if one is not ready for a cardio vascular challenge, the good thing is Yoga can work up a little sweat and open the body becoming more flexible and supple to improve body movements and aligning the posture. It is also an exercise that uses the discipline of focus like martial arts, I found the concentration was good for my wavering mind, and helped me to lock my balance. The very next day I was back and ready for road running, an activity that I had abandoned for a while, yoga was the catalyst.

Whether we start of an exercise programme for weight loss or toning the muscles, it should be part of our daily lifestyle as it distresses our minds. Also exercise over long periods builds and strengthens our ligaments in preparation for old age. As we are always in a hurry, hurry to lose weight we tend to go on fad diets that are counterproductive and the weight automatically returns in the long run. However if we stick to a dedicated and sustainable exercise programme it is possible to maintain the required weight. The issue of heavily overweight and obesity making exercise impossible the surgeries might be the appropriate option. Dr Dawn Harper was at hand at the expo and offers free surgery to those candidates who are in need and who write to the programme Embarrassing Bodies.
TV Presenter Dr Dawn Harper

I had some reservations about the FLABeLOS domestic exerciser on trial at the expo. This machine principle is whole body vibration and within ten minutes users’ flexibility improves. 84% of users say that it was excellent or very good for weight loss. In only ten minutes the whole body gets a workout, I felt that this is a quick fix to lose calories but less of the benefits of increasing heart rates with other exercise machines. Nevertheless it is useful for fearful beginners to lose weight without doing any severe workouts.

It may seem daunting at the beginning stages of getting into a routine to work out, but in the long run at the end of a session of exercise it is notable to be the best form of relaxation.



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