Friday 7 February 2014

Eating Well

Week 6

As I started training there was a natural occurrence to eat a more balanced diet firstly because it makes sense and my consciousness take s over balancing positive actions of exercise with eating sensibly. Also in doing exercises we need more energy food as our body burns the reserves. It is easier said than done, but small changes can lead to big differences in eating habits’ in the long run. In my food focus I compare eating wrong and eating well strategies.

Wrong: I have never been a breakfast person and I always say I don’t feel hungry in the morning.
Well: Whether I am hungry or not I try to start the day with a bowl of cereal or toast. I do this because I have realised that skipping breakfast sometimes leads me to craving something sweet by afternoon and usually needing a sugar fix for my energy, whereas the breakfast would have released energy slowly and be more sustainable.

Wrong: I like many people only eat pleasurable food (unbalanced), and that is like children who say they don’t like greens.
Well: I am now more conscious of what I put on my plate, trying to aim for a balanced dietary meal. In doing so I am conscious of the necessary food groups: carbohydrates, protein and fat. I am not eliminating fat to lose weight as everything is needed in moderation. However in order to be full quicker and gradually reduce calories I divide my plate to one third of vegetables’ for nutrition and soluble fibre. At present I try to have two meals a day, rather than missing meals replaced by snacking or eating anything all day.

Wrong: Junk food indulgence.
Well: The above is a harsh rule and too easy to be broken. It is much better to enjoy the favourite treats once in a while, by ruling them out it makes me want to eat them more and the cravings intensify to large amounts. I had a rule as not to buy pastries and sweets as I have a sweet tooth, thinking out of sight is out of mind. However that may be a little extreme and I prefer to have the foods I like in moderation so it is ideal to have a little storage of my favourites

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