Friday 31 January 2014

Getting Energised

Week 4

The most natural way to increase energy without supplements and energy drinks is to do exercise. It is a fuel for the energy. The more you do, the body becomes stronger and more able to increase other activities. Although I felt recharged after exercise, it took a while because at first I was extremely exhausted.
The following three things has increased my energy along with exercise

When I got into this new routine of walking, brisk walking and jogging I was able to do more, it got so much easier once attempted. I then thought I could do this consistently as a bit of a fanatic, however this disrupted my whole energy levels as I burnt out and wasn’t able to continue and became more fatigued in general. So I went with the rule of after exercising having the sufficient rest or a day off between workouts. The ample rest gave me the force to engage in a more powerful training the next time.

The transition of eating better after much indulgence over the Christmas period was quite challenging, there were so many left over naughty but nice desserts and snacks and I am strongly a believer of not wasting. Whilst I continued to snack on high carbohydrates and pastries that was the main reason for my lack of shredding even a single pound on week three’s blog furthermore reasons the energy levels could not increase. I have not strictly changed my diet however the reduction in pastries and increase in oats has made me feel less bloated and lethargic. I aim to gradually cut out the naughty and input nutritious food to increase my energy further.


Motivation for me is the driving tangible energy booster. Just by thinking I am going to do a workout enables me to have an instant booster, I can literally jump up and prepare myself whereas if my thought pattern was to chill and treat myself to snacks automatically I feel sleepy. The mind is so powerful that it needs to work with positive creative visualisation. I visualise a workout, and a weekly routine and magically it happens, as the energy appears. 

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