Friday 26 September 2014

Mr Wrong Unleashed

Oh what a night

Daniella Blechner

Mr Wrong’s were seen all over Brixton on Thursday 18th September and what a night to remember. It was full of energies from the vibrant audience and healing meditation at Brixton Electric where the stunning storyteller Daniella Blechner launched her debut book Mr Wrong, hosted by relationship coach Des O’Connor. She spoke about her inspiration for writing it and the importance of sharing stories. I have contributed to supporting the book and was excited to see it as a best selling title on Love and Romance on its publish day 20th September. Here is why...

Mr Wrong is a distinguished and diverse self help book being that it is inspirational, confessional, humorous, educational and universal. I was inspired by stories from women who overcome self blame particularly Alison Klippenstein. With two stories with titles on being guilty, contributors have confessed to their negative behavioural patterns. The illustrations and Mr Wrong characters infused humour and entertainment to the work. It also serves as an educational book as the author compiles stories into sections categorizing psychological behaviour and universal social concepts, from men and women globally.

Blechner reveals her natural abilities through this book as well as disclosing her personal journey. As a teacher she incorporates learning activities questions and quizzes throughout the book and creative exercises.  It was intriguing to unveil the in-depth life and times from Daniella’s adolescent years to young women, her mistakes to her healing.

Grab this book for a ladies night, you’ll learn, laugh and maybe identify your man or yourself in a story. I did.

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