Friday 24 October 2014

Lillian Ogbogoh Re-Igniting Your Sensual Flame

How to Love Me More

Six months ago I started the journey to invest more into me, my passions, my health and of course myself. It was time to be selfish and do more for me, starting with a retreat in Glastonbury and further follow up body, mind and soul therapies. I recently went on a programme with Goddess Lillian Ogbogoh, a Sensuality Discovery Specialist in order to close counterproductive chapters and write new ones that serve my purpose. I was a VIP for the day, where the space was mine and as much as Lillian loves to talk, she utilised the role of the listener, the empathiser and the spiritualist suggesting ways for me to move forward.

Lillian took me through flames, and it was challenging initially, she listened as she encouraged me to listen to my internal chatter, the voice of deceit. Lillian a natural story teller also shared her experiences and in awkward moments I felt confident from her personal openness and understanding. I had thought I had good self-esteem and that I love myself, and to some extent that is true, however the self-worth did not stretch across all areas of my life. I am living my dreams and I am a determined person therefore my self-efficacy was high and my self-esteem/respect good in the public eye. Yet in my personal space there have been many baggages that I have been lugging around and weighing me down for years. When I decided to go on the journey for self-improvement and acceptance I knew that there would be no stone unturned. Using stone therapy, guided mediations, affirmations and of course my passion writing I have tossed stones and turned pages as I re-write my life.

I was more than a VIP for the day; my energy level was raised to the roof, and most importantly my reconnection to my divine feminine was unleashed and it was evidently vibrant, as Lillian and I and a stranger remarked on. It was the beginning of transformation and the programme continues, regardless of this self-treatment I aim to continue in the work of self-love as it is not a day trip, night stop or short stay but it is a journey that Lillian travelled with me on in this area. The flame was re-ignited, but I am not hot on fire, but high and know that I can fly- A Fly Girl.

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  1. Thats a wonderful review Lillian - seems to be your work impacted her greatly.


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