Sunday 17 December 2017

Fly Girl Sita's Story

Speaking Positive Words into Action

Sita feeling accomplished after The Colour Run, Wembley
Last week we featured  Lene's story believing that she could and did, that story has inspired other members in our group as well as readers on social media.

This week we celebrate the achievements during 2017 of Sita another member of the Fly Girls. Sita has made remarkable progress and transformation from a novice runner to an active runner, now running 5km. At the beginning of the year she affirmed her goal of loosing weight, listen to her on this clip. And she has achieved it!

So inspiring, Sita was the first to be featured by London Sport on the 1 million Londoners stories to tell. Read her interview here and be inspired to get active for 2018.

Being active makes you feel good, it'll make you smile!😊😊😊

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