Saturday, 31 March 2018

Pushing for Progress

International Women's Month Review

Amanda & Leena Khatri at The Grand Hall
Brent Civic Centre
We celebrated the fifth anniversary of Ms Rose Blossom project on International Women's Day with a large community of women at the Brent Council Pressing For Progress Event. It was an honour to be part of the speakers/presenters included on the 8th of March. A diverse mix of women, young and old and in between shared stories of activism in pushing for progress for the empowerment of women, including Samira-Caterina Monteleone from Brent's UK Youth Parliament, Maggie Toy on the Suffragettes in Brent. Also on the line up for entertainments were an Asian Bollywood troupe, from the over 60s Brent Punjabi Association Dance Group.

The highly inspirational keynote address from award-winning human rights lawyer Jacqueline Onalo touched on teenage pregnancy in ways to support rather than stigmatize, the challenges of successful women and relationship with partners, and why women should not be silenced but be proud and outspoken on their achievements whilst sharing her own personal touching stories.

Leena Khatri
Head of Council in attendance Cllr Muhammed Butt
Leena Khatri who works in health promotion and Amanda Epe from Fly Girls Wellness closed the event with a short talk on the benefits of being active with Leena's testimony of transformation belonging to a women's running community, followed by a mini fitness activity to warm the audience up before lunch.

Fly Girls partnered with Zest of Mind from February and throughout the month of March working with predominately inactive girls from Alperton Community School delivering boxing and fitness sessions. A selection of girls from year 9 was chosen for the National Youth Junior Rowing Championships who were amongst the after school programme. Aliyah Anderson showed lots of promise and Alastair of Zest of Mind coached her with techniques enabling her to reach her personal best. It was music to the ears to hear that the Alperton Girls team did well-placed 34th of 125 in the sprint as reported at London Youth Rowing. We will continue to work with the girls until Easter, but the push for progress theme goes far beyond the month of March as we continue to work on women empowerment.


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