Friday, 18 January 2019

Lace Up for 2019

What was and is to come

It's been a while since the last post on this blog, and what a great year 2018 has been for Fly Girls Wellness services with our running and writing communities. Our work empowering women has had a significant successful impact on members and inspiring others in the wider community. Two participants of the writing workshops have published their debut books at the end of the year.

Reflecting on some great memories such as the International Women's Day, 8th March 2018, when we were invited to close the Brent Council Push for Progress event at The Grand Hall, Civic Centre, where we shared testimonies and awareness on personal physical health promotion and getting the audience moving with dance exercise to music. By spring season Fly Girls Runners entered several races mostly we participated as a team with a few individuals who ran alone or two members only, including Run Wembley St Luke's Hospice fundraiser, Westminster Mile, Adidas Run and summer to autumn we took bigger strides and ran Race 4 Life, and the Ealing Haf Marathon. Three members also did the Harrow/Wembley midnight walk fundraiser. For a beginners running group of amateur athletes we are feeling proud of our achievements, and still have the motto of no pressure, run for yourself and health.

One of our all-time favourite memories was a local 5km challenge organised by Willesden Triathlon team. The event recorded all the runners personal best and if they could beat this time. One of our members won the cash prize for this and as a team, we all achieved better times and were winners of the inaugural trophy.

Although there are no aims for the group to collectively enter long-distance races, or any races, there was a unanimous decision to take on the challenge of The Big Half Marathon (together), Vitality runs taking place on 10th March 2019. So we've started the year counting down our days, doing our regular Sunday morning Wembley Stadium run and members are doing any additional training during the week.

We are a friendly group who've had active socials and always welcome new members local to Brent to run or start walking with us. Do you want to lace up for the new year? Now is the time.


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