Sunday 31 March 2019

Balancing For Better in Brent

Being Fly and a Pride in Brent

                                                                              Poet Iman Hamid

March is always a great month of celebrations for Ms Rose Blossom's fly girls projects. It is the anniversary of this blog which commenced on International Women's Day 2013. During this period collaborating with other women's projects, with individuals and organisations celebrating women is part of our major focus. One such is the partnership with Brent Council who invited participation form Fly Girls Wellness to share and inspire other women and the community at large.

This year Iman Hamid the current Pride of Brent represented Fly Girls as a speaker. She spoke sharing the remarkable journey of her challenges and how she focused on her goals to achieve her dreams, learning was the key aspect to her achievements, this includes languages, academic study and how to self publish.  Iman was a previous participant in Ms Rose Blossom/Fly Girls emerging writers workshops. She read from her deep debut book of poetry "Tears and Tea" which touched many of the audience.

We have collaborated with Learning through the Arts organisation in an extracurricular programme for Brent young people to celebrate 100 years of the franchise, the legislation allowing women to vote in 1918. This included a trip to the Houses of Parliament researching archives of the original documents and photographs on the Suffragettes' movement, research,  creative art, and writing workshops.

Fly Girls running community are also feeling very proud of themselves to go from non-runners and beginner runners to participate in The Big Half marathon. On 10th March the fly girls collective headed up to the city to join 15,000 runners in a 13.5-mile run. Those who entered and others that couldn't make it all felt proud of one another and the members achievements.

In collaboration with SEIDs Hub Fly Girls wellness project delivered a taster writing for wellbeing workshop on world poetry day. Talking and using writing as art therapy the event brought Brent's women and girls together to empower each other. Not only was it intergenerational, but new connections were also made and the attendees felt uplifted, a much-needed activity to balance for better living.

It was also a privilege to be invited to Ark Academy School careers day/evening to speak with 230 students on the creative industry and social enterprise last week. It was really inspiring to listen to some of Brent's young people passionate about making changes.

We are looking forward to more collaborations in the near future and the freedom of fly girls creative expressions. Fly Girls wellness projects are making moves, creating authors, storytellers, and leaders.

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