Friday 10 January 2014

A New Year for A New You

Week 1

As we start of the year wishing happiness and success to one another we are full of hope and enthusiasm to try new things or accomplish activities previously started. January is a period when we set ourselves goals in our personal and or professional life. I have for a long time abandoned new year’s resolutions; however this year 2014 I am making a change.

In my line of work the nature involves coaching clients to improve their health and I have found that no matter how much motivation one can give to another the best motivation comes from within. In 2013 I joined a gym without a strong sense of purpose, i.e. that I did not have any goals or principle. Singing up was a substitute for other activities that I had abandoned, yet there was no passion to be a member except for a few benefits. At the end of 2013 I have been heavier and more unfit than I have been in a long time with financial regrets involved with membership.

In addition to my overweight currently I have to deal with my indulgence over the Christmas, furthermore it is superficial to encourage others to engage in weight management programmes for a living when I have not been living the healthy lifestyle myself. Gaining weight was not the major issue rather the increase of sluggish feeling in my mobility and shortness of breath, and prior to joining the gym I was full of vitality from the exercises I was engaged with. So joining the gym for a new year didn't work for me not because there is anything wrong with the gym, but psychologically I had defeated my physical intentions; membership was futile. Had I continued with non gym fitness activities I would have maintained my fitness, but it was the choices I made.

I know the benefits of exercise and how I feel after has a great impact in other areas of my life including healthier eating and so I begin again, taking small steps to gain back a healthier lifestyle. It is known that six weeks forms habits and I am hopeful that I can motivate myself for the next six weeks. Last year I tried and failed but I try again for a new leash of life, with a positive affirmation I have said to myself this is a new year for a new you.

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