Friday 24 January 2014

Keeping Motivated

Week 3

It is very easy to get disheartened when starting something and the results are not showing. It may be early days yet, however I now understand the disappointment clients feel when I work on weight loss programmes and there hasn’t been any change in the following week. I have started to increase my exercise considerably and have slightly reduced my carbohydrates and consumed fewer calories than of recent. Having taken these steps it was disappointing to see that there was no change, I was not even able to loose the average 2lb weekly loss.
Motivation 1: Rome was not built in a day, to understand that saying has helped. The beauty of the architecture shows the effort in workmanship and reminds me that quick fix will not have long term solutions. I have to continue working on the programme regardless if I am not able to meet the weekly target.

Whilst I was exercising I felt euphoric at the beginning and gradually I began to feel the strain, the muscles ached and I didn’t feel like I had the stamina to continue. It was despairing and I questioned why I bother to put myself through all of this. I felt a little agitated that I didn’t have the ability to run longer and spin as I had done the previous week or how I had declined rapidly as this training was a lot easier a year ago.
Motivation 2: Watching the para-olympics live in London and seeing their super ability inspired me and was a lesson to learn in how human beings are able to maximise their potential. For this reason I have to push myself instead of complaining of the difficulties in exercising.

I have started so I will finish is the saying, although in this case it is more of I have started and need to continue and maintain fitness as a lifestyle as opposed to reaching ideal weight as the finish line. There are times I have scheduled for a workout, though when the time arrives I could make something else a priority. In my instinct and listening to my own voice my heart of hearts tells me what I should be doing.
Motivation 3: It is like an echo of my voice when a friend cum coach takes on the personal trainer coach and encourages and motivates me. I have been motivated by calls and texts to remind me of my own promises to myself. Even if there wasn’t a personal motivator somewhere along the way information and media is always appearing as a wake up motivational call that I cannot run away from.

I will keep going as life has ups and downs and it is a step forward to carry on.

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