Sunday 21 January 2018

Anthony Joshua's Victory

Boxing Bootcamp

Anthony Joshua's tug of war Victory
Victory Park
Despite being a freezing cold morning last Thursday, hundreds of parkers turned up for a fun filled boxing fitness session, an Our Parks and Lucozade partnership with world champion undefeated heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua, AJ as special guest chief trainer.

Turn up tone up team of OurParks coaches kept the sports enthusiasts motivated and warmed up for 30mins before AJ took the centre stage in Victory Park fields in East Village, Stratford. The cheerful boxer got everyone doing squats to sprinting on the spot, and we did shadow boxing techniques in this masterclass.

The hype continued in part two with the tug of war game, of course AJ on the landslide victory side. It was an amazing and magical morning training with the Sportsman, leaving everyone feeling pumped to have trained with AJ and engage with him, needless to say the buzz of outdoor exercise.

Boxing has great benefits and i love the sport for being a stress busting activity, increasing stamina and mental focus. This type of training has also helped in weight loss and building self-esteem and confidence. More and more women are interested in this sport as a fitness activity in box fit sessions. Fly Girls Fitness deliver a boxfit session for girls and women to get active, get in touch for more details.

AJ Epe meets AJ, Anthony Joshua

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