Sunday 7 January 2018

New You for New Year

Fly Girls Fitness for You

It's the best time to join in new groups and activities in January, one because you are not on your own as most of us start new things this month and also because this is an economical way of getting active. You'll be sure of burning fat and not your bank account if you decide with signing up to new gym membership. The benefits are many such as being part of a community, making friends who cheer you along and this really helps you get through the winter months together. So come fly with us on the weekends at Wembley if you want to:

Walk- beginners running group where people walk too

Jog-put your best foot forward and jog at your own pace

Run- currently members run distances from 2K-5/6km at Wembley Stadium
Dance- Dance warm up at boxfit class, you won't feel like your exercising 💃
Box- Boxfit Saturday sessions a great stress buster 🥊

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