Sunday 14 January 2018

Making it Important

Make it Happen
On the second Sunday of the month it was the first Fly Girls RunTogether meet for 2018, nine of us turned up ready to get active at Wembley Stadium, no matter the cold weather this morning. It's around about this time, the middle of the first month that we tend to forget our new year resolutions and goals we wish to achieve for the year. However our team were vibrant this morning and we talked about running goals individually and what 5km races we could do together as a group at our brief meeting before our warm up.  Here's a few tips on making sure you make it happen for an active 2018.

  • Write the plan down
  • Declare it to one or two friends
  • Share your goals within a group so they hold you accountable
  • Invest in appropriate footwear (walking and running shoes)
  • Set small targets and build up gradually
  • And remember to reward yourself for your achievements, on working on the new you!

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