Sunday 28 January 2018

Writing and Wellbeing

Writing as a Social Therapy
Are you a writerholic, who like many others and myself use the process to clear your mind, make sense of situations and the past? Many writers are addicts to pen and paper and for this reason it is their therapy. It brings clarity to their thoughts as writers dig into their subconscious. As writers express themselves and become real with their words there is a remarkable transformation of feelings.

Expressing your truth is simple yet it can be the most difficult thing to do in this life. That said life writers feel a sense of pride in writing to share their stories to the public. It could be healing from trauma, speaking about taboo issues, revisiting your family history for understanding self or simply celebrating the ups and downs of life's journeys. This has been my personal experience in writing my memoir A Fly Girl

There are more benefits when one writes within a writing community and shares their true thoughts to their group,  it builds confidence in the writers personal perspectives. In workspaces such as creative writing therapy, the writer is in a trusted space where sharing of your writing to the group is unlike regular literary groups where members can critic your writing style, instead it aims to connect people with each other as our true feelings are shared. Life writing can also be written fictitiously if that is the writers preference, Maya Angelou used this autobiographical genre often for her acclaimed novels.

Find your writing style and find a local course to get you started as an emerging writer. Whether you start to pen the book for publishing in 2018 or not, you are sure guaranteed to feel uplifted during the creative process.

Meditation is a great tool to get started in writing as is being in a reading group or book swap. Check out some local activities that could help:

Other social & wellbeing activities

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